Credit: Twitter

Beyoncé just pulled a major Beyoncé and cryptically posted a video to Instagram that has her entire Beyhive confused, but also really, really excited.

Fans are getting into Formation for “Lemonade” (JK, they never got out of Formation), but the only problem is, no one actually knows what to be excited for. Is “Lemonade” a new music video; a documentary; a new album; a kickoff for her Formation World Tour, which begins on April 27th in Miami; or just a zesty sugary beverage? It’s a mystery. And that seems to be exactly the point.

Here’s the mysterious post:

Beyoncé captioned the video, “#LEMONADE 4.23 9PM ET | HBO.” The trailer snippet features Beyoncé in a fur coat and cornrows resting her head on the hood of a car with a voiceover saying, “What am I gonna do love, what am I going to do?”

We don’t know, Bey. What ARE you going to do??

Here’s what we know about it:

Nothing. We know nothing, you guys. Except that whatever it is will premier on April 23rd at 9 p.m. on HBO. Fans are taking to Twitter to express all the nothingness they know about “Lemonade.” We’re all obviously collectively knowing a lot of nothing about something.