Elizabeth Entenman
Updated Jul 16, 2016 @ 11:10 am
Picture of Glass Wing Group Beyonce Lemonade
Credit: https://www.facebook.com/miss.shalae.michaels/videos/204341396629398/

When Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” dropped a few months ago, the internet didn’t know what to do. First, we were overwhelmed with emotions and reveling in all the musical glory of Queen Bey. But soon came the parodies and remakes, which are often ~almost~ as amazing as the original (though, TBH, nothing can compare to Beyoncé’s original… I mean, obviously).

And while “Lemonade” has been honored a lot, we’ve just found our favorite tribute yet.

The video tribute is titled “Lemonade served Bitter Sweet” and it’s is an homage to four of Bey’s songs from the record. And they seriously do her proud.

It was created by Glass Wing Group, an all-trans creative team, led by Miss Shalae. The star looks so much like Beyoncé that you’ll do a double-take. The production quality is insane and the costumes are perfectly on-point.


The visual inspiration video starts with “Hold Up.” Miss Shalae dons Bey’s gorgeous yellow dress, walks along the beach, and wields a “hot sauce”-branded baseball bat. And if all that weren’t enough, she even smashes a car window.


Next up is “Freedom,” a total 180 from the previous vignette. This song, filmed in black and white, features the artists wearing gorgeous white dresses in a field.


Keeping with the black and white vignette, the next song they cover is “Sorry.” They swapped Bey’s bus for a Jeep, and the safari theme still works perfectly.


They end the homage video with “6 Inch,” and it’s every bit as sexy and sultry as Queen Bey’s. The sequins, the fringe, the red aura, the star power—it’s all there.

Watch the Glass Wing Group’s incredible “Lemonade” tribute it its glorious entirety below!

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