Fact: Backstreet Boys’ “Everybody” is still one of the greatest dance songs ever recorded. It only helps that the music video came with a “Thriller” inspired dance routine that you still probably know to this day. The song’s also 18 years old, which technically makes it old enough to vote. But still, one of the greatest songs of all time, you know it, and the Backstreet Boys know it, too.

There’s nothing wrong with being a boy band member and loving your song so much you can’t help but start dancing when it comes on in da club. That’s the situation A.J. McLean found himself in last week. He went to a BuzzFeed ’90s Throwback Party at Greystone Manor in West Hollywood. A.J. came dressed for the occasion wearing some sweet Air Jordans from he 90s, and danced the night away to all the best hits. One of them, being “Everybody.”

TMZ‘s got a video of McLean dancing like any of us would hearing “Everybody” come on over the speakers. He throws his hands up in the air, and then he waves the around like he just doesn’t care. And as a surprise to no one, McLean clearly still knows all the words because he cab be visibly seen lip synching. But in this case he might have been actually singing. It’s his song, after all.

Check out the video below, and if you really need a trip down ’97 memory lane, then watch the video for “Everybody” here. Backstreet’s back, all right?


Image via YouTube