Trilby Beresford
Updated Dec 13, 2016 @ 9:38 am
Credit: YouTube/TreeJTV

Okay, so we knew that Ariana Grande and her BF Mac Miller collaborated on a single called ‘My Favorite Part’ for Miller’s album The Divine Feminine, and we’ve been waiting for the “My Favorite Part” music video…WHICH IS FINALLY HERE! Yup, Christmas has come early, you guys.

In the video, Grande plays the girl next door (literally) while Miller serenades her through a wall, singing about all her ‘favorite parts.’

And yes, the whole thing is ridiculous sexy and sweet, with black-and-white elements that provide a definite edge. Before we dive in, Grande posted the most adorable message about the video. You know, to get you in that lovin’ mood.

Ready to feel your heart flutter? Take a deep breath.

Phew, it’s not every day we get to see a super adorable real life couple fall in love on screen (and sing real sexy like).

All caps LOVE! This couple just project so many feel-good vibes. And remember when Grande got adorably flustered talking about Miller? Clearly they’ve got a special relationship, and it translates in this video (where it actually hurts to see Miller pine for the girl next door). false

We hope that Miller is helping Grande stay positive after the post-Hairspray blues. P.S. don’t want to be greedy or anything…but we can’t wait for MORE collaborations from these lovebirds! Priorities guys, come on now.