Gabriela Herstik
April 03, 2017 11:14 am
Youtube/ Universal Music (Denmark)

Sometimes you just feel like a Barbie girl in a Barbie world, you know? You just wanna party and kiss Ken and wear some plastic cause it’s fantastic! No one shares this sentiment more than Aqua, whose hit song “Barbie Girl” is as iconic as it is memorable. The smash hit, played at every Bar/Bat Mitzvah and prom in the early aughts, was featured in Aqua’s debut album Aquarium — and recently turned 20 years old.

Although it would now be “Barbie Woman,” the song and video is still a tribute to everything that was right with the late ’90s; a utopian, neon, plastic dream.

This hat and bustier combo

Youtube/ Universal Music (Denmark)

We love this oversized sun hat — and we get it; Barbie can’t get too much sun or she’ll melt! She’s plastic, remember? Big, floppy hats had a major fashion moment a couple of seasons ago, and in the cold months, they’re still a staple. But we love the idea of grabbing our biggest, boldest, straw hat and wearing it to the pool. And by adorning it with fake roses, and wearing a textured floral bathing suit to match, we’ll be reliving all our “Barbie Girl” dreams.

The perfect wet hair look

Youtube/ Universal Music (Denmark)

After the beauty world has seen seasons of matte EVERYTHING, it makes sense that we are, once again, finding that glossy eyes, lips, and hair are all the rage. So ’90s!!! This look is the epitome of late ’90s summer cool. The blue eyeshadow and tangerine bikini, the pool float, and bright colors — it’s practically a teen dream. This is one of the video’s most subtle looks, but we love it. We especially love the “I’m in the pool” wet hair look. Laid back California cool at its finest.

This highlighter hued #aesthetic

Youtube/ Universal Music (Denmark)

This is what every ’90s millennial girl dreamed of, and probably still dreams of. The white sunnies, the bright green slip, the inflatable dinosaur; there’s so much to be envious of. We love the fun, playful accents in this look — the silver nails, scrunchie, and half-pony. The ’90s are still in, and you can recreate this look in an instant. The hardest part will probably be finding that dinosaur!

This totally American Apparel-esque outfit

Getty/ Universal Music (Denmark)

Triangle bra? Check! Skater skirt? Check! Athletic socks? Check! Roller-skates? Check! This too cool for school look is so ’90s it almost hurts… but it hurts so good! We love that this feels like an American Apparel ad (RIP) if the store had existed in the Edward Scissorhands universe. Baby blue and faded yellow make this sporty look a little bit sweet and totally summery, which is pretty on brand for the plastic doll. This look feels like a utopian fantasy — a true “Barbie Girl” world, but one we would love to live in.