Like father, like daughter! It looks like Apple Martin, the daughter of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, totally adopted some of her pop’s guitar skills. At least that’s the way it looks based off a video that her mom posted to Instagram recently.

In the video, Apple happily sings and strums away on her guitar with the rest of the children’s choir at their recital, and their rendition of “Keegan’s Christmas” by Marcy Playground is pretty perfect.

“Best wishes and love to all for a happy holiday,” Gwyneth wrote in the caption of her super cute vid:

Honestly, we’re not at all surprised. With the lead singer of Coldplay as a dad and an Oscar-winning actress as a mom, of *course* Apple would have a knack for anything creative — it’s in her genes! After all, her dad did ask her and her brother Moses for some vocal help on Coldplay’s latest album, Ghost Stories.

We wish we could have been at your holiday recital, Apple! And it may be close to Christmas, but it looks like Apple already got a pretty rad Christmas gift — a hug from her idol, Taylor Swift.

Only 11, and already kicking butt at guitar and meeting major music stars. NBD.

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(Images via Instagram.)