Karen Belz
Updated Feb 03, 2017 @ 8:03 am
Credit: Ansel Elgort / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4gsAS8h3p0

While he might identify as a musician, we will always know him best as Augustus Waters from The Fault In Our Stars. And since we love the book and movie so much, we’re thrilled that Gus — ahem — Ansel Elgort released a music video for “Thief,” his most recent single.

Known in the music industry as Ansolo (clever) he definitely pulled out all the stops for this video. And uh — the fact that it’s pretty sexy definitely helps things. Elgort definitely isn’t shy when he showcases his abs. Elgort even cast his actual girlfriend, Violetta Komyshan, in the video, which only adds additional chemistry to the bubble baths and upside-down kisses between both leads.

Of course, words can only do this steamy video a certain amount of justice. Check it out for yourself.

Wow. That was a lot of skin. Not like we’re complaining, but…

Elgort also treats us to a lot of passionate close-ups. Also, some killer dance moves. While they’re lovingly eccentric, they just fit the video so well.

Credit: Ansel Elgort / www.youtube.com

Back in September, Elgort definitely promised his fans new music.

But he’s been somewhat silent on social media since November, instead using his “Ansel Elgort” account more often. So this release was definitely a wonderful surprise.

Even though he’s focused on music right now, that doesn’t mean he’s shelved acting. You can expect to see Elgort this year in Billionaire Boys Club, as well as a film called Jonathan, both of which are currently awaiting release dates. We’re not sure if his abs will make an appearance, so you might want to keep the “Thief” video on loop until we find out.