Rachel Sanoff
Updated September 13, 2016 4:10 pm

Yesterday, LAist reported some of the most devastating news that a music lover — especially a music lover based in Los Angeles — could ever hear. There was reason to believe that Amoeba Records, the iconic two-story musical palace located on Sunset Boulevard in L.A., was going to be torn down and replaced with a luxury building (complete with a rooftop pool). Apparently, L.A. needs more of those, and not a musical landmark?


LAist shared this horrific information when they came across the online portfolio for architecture illustration firm, Shimahara, which featured a building design meant for 6400 Sunset Boulevard. That’s the address for Amoeba Records.

When their reporters did a little more digging, they discovered an LLC called 6400 Sunset that had purchased the building. Plus, a nearby Jack in the Box getting replaced with a 21-story hotel doesn’t exactly make it seem that the area is maintaining its culture. LAist then made phone calls and wrote emails to various developers, councilmembers, and Amoeba Records managers — but the reporters couldn’t confirm what was going on with the building.

Naturally, people were FREAKING OUT.

The record store is also home to free live shows, where you can see everyone from newer artists like Grouplove and Lana Del Rey, to legends like Paul McCartney.


After the citywide panic, Amoeba Records posted this official statement to Twitter:

It reads:

“We’re going to remain in our building for the duration of our lease — which is several years — and Amoeba and the building owner are open to us potentially staying longer. We are committed to staying in Hollywood and we appreciate all your concern and support!”

Y’all, everything isn’t terrible. <3