Alessia Cara Scars To Your Beautiful Cover Art Crop
Credit: Def Jam Records

Yesterday (11 July), rising singer songwriter Alessia Cara FINALLY celebrated her 20th birthday, and to celebrate the Canadian-born singer shared a hella inspiring music video for her song “Scars To Your Beautiful.”

The track, which taken from Alessia’s debut album Know-It-All, follows the smash hit single “Here” and is a powerful anthem about embracing your differences, loving you for who you are, and being proud of your inherent beauty no matter what people say.

Sharing a handwritten note about the song and the video on Twitter, Alessia wrote, “Often times the world both directly and indirectly tells us that we shouldn’t be happy with ourselves if we don’t fit certain beauty standards.

“Scars to your beautiful is a reminder that beauty isn’t only one look, shape, size or color. It isn’t always tangible. It comes in an endless amount of forms and we need to recognize that [sic].” false

The video features a plethora of diverse people, including fellow singer JoJo, all of whom talk about how they came to accept their differences and love themselves. It’s really emotional, and will definitely have you crying happy tears by the end.

Expanding on how JoJo came to be in the video, Alessia told Cosmopolitan, “We have the same management team and we’ve known each other for a little bit now. She’s been supporting my music for a while and I’ve loved her since forever, so we just asked her to be in it and she was like, ‘Yeah!'”

Continuing, she added: “A lot of the time, people don’t realize that public figures have these insecurities too. They’re always in the spotlight and they may seem like they have it all together, but they don’t always have it all together, you know? It’s actually very difficult to be in the public and to be a female and to feel confident every day with all the social media and all these opinions of people.”

We totally agree, Alessia!

Alessia Cara is currently touring, so it’s probably worth picking up tickets here. Watch the video for “Scars To Your Beautiful” below.