Credit: Scott Legato/Getty Images for BT PR

With a powerful voice that can make people cry as if on cue, Adel has carved a place for herself in the music landscape. Her emotionally powerful lyrics and ability to translate heartache into four minute songs that anyone can relate to is magnificent. So it’s no wonder that her record sales are monumental and her recent tour has made over $150 million.

In order to promote her most recent chart-topping record 25, Adel has gone on tour in Europe and North America. Since last February, it is estimated that she has performed for almost 1.5 million people. That’s 1.5 million people who have heard their heart’s words sung to them out loud into a microphone.

Adele has been selling out arenas left and right, playing in places like the Staples Center, Manchester Arena, and Madison Square Garden. According to Billboard:


Basically, Adele can move ticket sales with ease. But we all knew that already! Her shows are basically impossible to attend because they sell out almost instantly. Her fans want to hear her crisp vocals in person and listen to her witty and playful banter on stage.

If you are interested in catching Adele live, you should hurry. She will be on the road in the Unites States until November 21st — her last show is in Phoenix. So get your road-tripping hats on and your tickets ready. There is only one Adele, and her 107 performances on this tour are all unique and unforgettable.