Things we love about Adele (to name just a few): She has a killer voice, she seems like a humble and all-round awesome person, and she doesn’t shy away from performing in the elements! Yup, we just heard that Adele performed in pouring rain wearing a poncho, because a little water falling from the sky will NOT stop her.

The show was in New Zealand, and before Adele donned her pink poncho, she really wasn’t equipped for a downfall. As in, she was in a gown! And when it started pouring, she didn’t stop singing despite getting seriously soaked from head-to-toe (not to mention, she was probably freezing!). It made for some very atmospheric photos!


Here comes the poncho, which at that point wouldn’t have provided much shelter — she was already drenched. Bless her! false

And from the look of this, she CRUSHED it, despite the non-ideal conditions.

This post says it ALL, because Adele is committed to her fans and invested in their experience.

We’re feeling so grateful for Adele right now, especially since she recently announced in New Zealand that she might never tour again (say it ain’t so!), because it’s just not “her bag.” Of course we have to respect that, but secretly hope that the world stages might beckon her back later in her career, after she’s had a break…

Three cheers for Adele! The one and ONLY.