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With only two weeks left until the presidential election, many well-known faces are publicly supporting their candidate of choice. And Adele just endorsed Hillary Clinton at her Miami concert, which comes right after Rihanna endorsed her in the coolest way possible, along with Jay Z, and the entire cast of Empire.

Adele’s endorsement was particularly special though, because Clinton was actually in the audience at her concert, celebrating her 69th birthday!

Like a true #BOSS, Adele seized the opportunity to use her star-powered platform to address the election, specifically urging her audience not to vote for Donald Trump. Political endorsements can often be overwhelming, but Adele selected just a few words to gently express her opinion.

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Adele then admitted that she can’t vote (as she’s not an American citizen), but she still gave an outpouring of love to the lady she wants to win.

It’s great to see Adele making her voice heard and urging her fans to vote, even when she can’t. And we bet that Clinton’s birthday was made even more memorable, because while she was fangirling out over Adele, Adele was fangirling out over her.


Now the only question is, which mega-famous super star will be next to throw their support behind Clinton?