Caitlin Gallagher
Updated Nov 23, 2016 @ 2:49 pm
Spice Girls Photo Shoot in Bali - April 29, 1997
Credit: Getty / John Stanton

Although we have known about the Spice Girls reunion for some time, it’s now official since their first new song was leaked online!! After 20 years, the Spice Girls are coming back as GEM, which stands for the first names of the three returning members (Geri, Emma, and Mel B.) of the original band. While you’re most likely bummed that not all five women are returning, you will be oh-so glad to hear that GEM’s “Song for Her” is totally keeping with the original Spice Girls’ message of #GIRLPOWER!

Victoria Beckham (Posh) and Mel C (Sporty) aren’t a part of GEM, but Geri Halliwell (Ginger), Emma Bunton (Baby), and Mel B (Scary) have joined together for the Spice Girls’ 20th anniversary.

And here’s their first new song: “Song for Her”!

This isn’t an official release or anything, but it’s clearly the Spice Girls we have known and loved for 20 years. I mean, there’s no denying it with lyrics like, “She’s got that boom boom pop / That’s something they can’t stop.”

Anyone else thinking it’s reminiscent of a low-key version of “zig-a-zig-ah” from “Wannabe” or “Shake it shake it shake it, haka” from “Spice Up Your Life”!?

We must note that even though “Song for Her” has that ’90s sound we associate with them, the lyrics do indicate that the Spice Girls are no longer girls anymore — but women — with all of the responsibilities that go along with being adults. But don’t worry, just because they are older doesn’t mean they still aren’t super fun.

Credit: Getty Images/MJ Kim/Spice Girls LLP

Since the late ’90s and early 2000s, the Spice Girls really haven’t recorded any new music. They released a couple of new songs when the Spice Girls reunited in 2007 and released their Greatest Hits compilation album, but otherwise, they hadn’t made any new music since the 2000 album Forever. (And that one was without Geri!)

Although we don’t know how many songs GEM will release, don’t squander this magical music opportunity. And make sure to embrace this ’90s nostalgia with your full Spice Girls-loving heart by listening to “Song for Her” over and over again.