Karen Belz
Updated Nov 28, 2017 @ 4:23 pm

Boy band members are in a world all their own. They know how to manage the stage, they often have to take on specific roles (such as, “the shy one”) and they sometimes get very strange, yet very memorable gifts from people who enjoy their tunes. 98 Degrees just revealed their weirdest fan gift, and it might make you cringe.

In case you’re unaware, 98 Degrees — which consists of vocalists Nick and Drew Lachey, Jeff Timmons, and Justin Jeffre — just released a Christmas album this year called Let It Snow. It’s their first record in four years. Back in 2013, they had broken their long hiatus with a studio album called 2.0 and a tour with boy band members from other groups. This is their second Christmas album, which is great for fans who warped their copy of 1999’s This Christmas.

If 1999 seems like a long time ago, well — it is. Including the hiatus, the band has been together for 20 years. That’s why one of the best gifts they’ve ever gotten from a fan was a flask to help celebrate their anniversary. (Hopefully it was full of something classy.)

But while it’s fun to chat about incredible gifts, it’s also good to talk about some of the weirder gifts the band has received throughout the last two decades.

As for Nick Lachey, it was a gift that was — well — helpful, if not a little peculiar.

Drew Lachey pinpointed another strange gift that might have made their grandmother blush.

Whoops. Well, that’s a bit awkward. But we have to say, it’s pretty cute that their family members helped them manage their fan mail.

If you’re missing 98 Degrees and the Lachey brothers, you might want to pick up a copy of Let It Snow, which was released this October.