Today is Stevie Nicks’ 66th birthday, so let’s celebrate with 5 reasons that Stevie rocks our socks (with gifs to accompany):

1. That hair. Stevie’s undeniably stylish locks gave her the swag of a true ’70s rock star. Her updated looks since then have always kept her current, and her long blonde tresses have never gone out of style.

2. Her unique sound. Hand the girl a tambourine, or just let her dance as she sings. But that voice… its unique, haunting beauty is unparalleled in any other vocalist.

3. She rocks hard. To be a lead vocalist in Fleetwood Mac, Stevie could really carry the song and make you feel it in your soul.

4. Girl power. Nothing screams “girl power” more than a female rock star. To have that hardcore and yet totally beautiful vibe is something that Stevie carries so well. Independent, strong, smart, and not afraid to rock you. You go, girl.

5. Her songs speak us. Some of the best songs of all time are Fleetwood Mac songs. Their album “Rumours” is one that I can recite from memory from start to finish. But let’s not forget any of Stevie’s solo hits either. “The Edge of Seventeen” and is an anthem in its own right.

Happy Birthday, Stevie!

Images via, featured image via janellemccullochlibraryofdesign