Stephanie Watson
Updated Mar 17, 2016 @ 1:33 pm
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Credit: YouTube

If you’re anything like us, then you’re no stranger to the nostalgic feeling that comes with looking back on your favorite ’90s music videos. Though we’re totally thankful for the gifts of the 21st century — here’s looking at you, Netflix — we do feel that pang-of-love for the wacky, unapologetically fun ’90s-style music videos that once graced our TV screens.

In the name of daydreams and good memories, we decided to take a little stroll down nostalgia lane and pick eight music videos from the ’90s that we wouldn’t mind living in. You know, if living in music videos was a thing.

Credit: YouTube/ Epic

Life in this music video is so cheesy and bright that you might actually need to put on shades. There’s a treehouse, magic, a nice lad, pure sunshine, flowers, and a dog — what more could you want? We could lie on that “C’est La Vie” grass forever.

Credit: YouTube

Just imagine a day in the life of Barbie: a huge pink house, a pink Cadillac, a pink pony, pink everything. Might be interesting to try out life in a Barbie world, at least for a minute.

Credit: YouTube

Just look at how much fun everyone is having in this video. Look how chill it is! Don’t you just want to join them all to dance, and laugh, and make merry? We sure do.

Credit: YouTube

Kinda like “I Wanna Be the Only One,” this video is just ridiculously chill. Hanging with your friends and dancing next to your pinball machine? Sign us up.

Credit: YouTube

This is a walking ’90s video game. Hover boards; power armor; dated and colorful CGI; this video has it all. Not only is the video awesome but even in 2016, the song is way too catchy for its own good.

Credit: YouTube

Wearing white. Prancing on the beach with friends and a super hot lover. Going into a heart formation on a boardwalk. All of this happening without one glisten of body sweat? The “Sometimes” life seems pretty good.

Credit: YouTube

This is a video about cruisin’ in a car, that then turns into a plane. We really need this invention in our lives, like, right now. Think of how many cheap vacations we could take . . .

Credit: YouTube

A laser party set in the rainforest, we can’t imagine anything cooler. Not a real rainforest of course, we don’t want to disrupt the ecosystems there, just a J. Lo rain forest. Imagine swimming by a waterfall while music blasts, or having a laser show in the middle of tropical leaves. We’re waiting.

Credit: YouTube

“Spice Up Your Life” looks like a deleted scene from Blade Runner, but we’re kind of about that cyber-punk life. Maybe we don’t want to live in a dystopian universe, but we’d definitely be behind a Spice Girl rebellion.