Samantha Kirschberg
March 02, 2014 4:00 pm

Am I the only one that loves music videos and has favorites?

Haim just released their music video for ‘If I Could Change Your Mind’ and I love it. It just makes me want to dance. (I have two sisters, so I’m currently talking them into learning the moves). The Head and the Heart just released their music video for the song ‘Another Story’. It has beautiful cinematography and stars my favorite PLL Troian Bellisario. She has the ability to convey a powerful relationship without even talking. The video creates a story of love and loss. It’s heartbreaking, but reminded me of everything I love about what music videos can do.

Music videos bring the songs I love to life. Sometimes music videos can take songs I like and turn them into songs I love. They allow the artists to be creative and express themselves in a different way.

The best videos like anything are the ones that make you feel. The ones that make you think or reminisce or hope to one day have that love. The ones that are playful and make you wish that you were living inside of them. The ones that tell a story about love and loss and friendship.

These are some of my favorite music videos from the past few years:

Beyoncé- ‘XO’

This is the most recent music video on the list. I’m in love with the video’s pink and blue hues like XO. I know. I know that ‘Single Ladies’ was the best video of ALL time, but sorry, I have a thing for ‘XO’. It was part of an album that surprised everyone. She secretly recorded music videos without anyone knowing. She danced through Coney Island with an earplug in her ear playing ‘XO’ while fans screamed her name and she had to focus on remembering all her lyrics. Beyoncé ***flawlessly pulled it off. How could you not fall in love with this video? Beyoncé is smiling with the biggest/cutest smile ever.

Best Coast- ‘Our Deal’

This video was part of the Supervideo series MTV did. The awesome Drew Barrymore directed it. It’s a tragic love story that’s kind of like a hipster version of West Side Story. Chloë Moretz and Tyler Posey play the lovebirds from rival gangs. Donald Glover, Alia Shawkat (Drew reunited with her Whip It pal!) and Shailene Woodley also star in the video as members of the Day Trotters and Night Creepers gangs. I love how the short story (or mini movie as Drew calls it) perfectly fits their lyric, “I wish you would tell me how you really feel/But you’ll never tell me, ’cause that’s not our deal.”

Taylor Swift- ’22’

This is a video that anyone could make. Taylor gets a group of her real life friends together to just hang out and film a music video. Beach, backyard, and kitchen hangouts, partying, trampoline jumping, getting ready, dancing- all the things you do with your besties. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to shoot a music video just hanging with their best friends? Also, I’m obsessed with all of Tay’s outfits in the video. Please give them to me.

Paramore- ‘Still Into You’

Riding bikes around a mansion, dancing with ballerinas, rowing a canoe in a room full of balloons, sitting in a room surrounded by birthday cakes, playing with sparklers and watching fireworks. Hayley and the boys really have the time of their lives hanging out in this video. It’s just fun. Serious fun. I want to live in this video or at least take a short weekend trip there.

Steel Train- ‘Bullet’

The video starts off with Rachel Antonoff in Jack’s childhood bedroom, which just happens to be Steel Train’s album cover. Nate Harold (fun.’s bassist) and others join in the group of friends. The video is based around friendship. It’s nostalgic, reliving the glory days where you chilled out with good friends all day doing absolutely nothing- just hanging around town, having fun, and then making your way to the city to see a show that makes you feel connected to everyone else in the room. The show section of the music video is shot in their home state of New Jersey with a bunch of their real fans getting crazy and singing along.

Katy Perry- ‘Teenage Dream’

I feel like this video was filmed with the Walden Instagram filter and I like it. Katy is sexy and carefree. I think she probably became everyone’s crush after watching this video or at least their very own “teenage dream” girl. It’s my favorite music video of hers. Maybe it’s because it’s one of my favorite songs of hers. I don’t know. I just really like it.

Passion Pit- ‘Carried Away’

‘Carried Away’ is one of the most creative music videos I’ve ever seen. Sophia Bush stars as Michael Angelakos’ (the band’s lead singer) gal and they’re both adorable. The video shows the highs and lows of a super passionate/dramatic relationship. Big love and big fights and getting carried away. Words that hurt that we hold onto- they literally hold onto them and fight them off as they fly around the room. The things you sometimes want to do in real life are made possible in this video. And in the end, it just makes you want to fall into your love’s arms.

fun.- ‘Carry On’

The beginning of the video features an amazing/original score by Andrew Dost. The video shows how far the band has come and how exhausting it was to get there. The band stayed up all night in the majestic NYC after their last NY show at Terminal 5 to film it. They’re completely living in the moment and having the time of their lives. It shows a look at how gorgeous New York City is- an empty Grand Central Terminal, dive bar hopping, wandering through the city’s streets. Sliding around the floors of Grand Central is definitely added to my bucket list.

So those are just some of my favs. Do you have any favorite music videos?

Featured Image via ‘XO’ video screenshot. Other images via screenshots of music videos, here and here.