Alim Kheraj
Updated January 23, 2017
RCA Records

In the face of adversity and uncertainty, music can bring us together. That’s why we can’t get enough of queer L.A. girlband MUNA and their latest song, “Crying On The Bathroom Floor.”

We’ve previously gushed about MUNA before, and now the L.A. three-piece — comprised of band members Katie Gavin, Josette Maskin, and Naomi McPherson — have shared their latest single ahead of the release of their debut album, About U, next month (February 3rd).

Until then, however, we’re going to be playing “Crying On The Bathroom Floor” for, well, eternity.

Following on from the rallying LGBTQ+ anthems “I Know A Place” and the infectious “Loudspeaker,” “Crying On The Bathroom Floor” is an ominous, synth heavy song with glittering ’80s style production and the band’s signature confessional, dark, and explicitly honest lyrics.

Where the song comes to life, however, is in the punchy and exuberant chorus. Listen to “Crying On The Bathroom Floor” below.

Following the song’s release, MUNA shared a short essay about the story behind the song, and it has an important and integral message of hope in moments of abject darkness.

Continuing, the group said that they wanted to portray “the nuanced inner-struggle that comes with being mistreated,” noting that as humans while we’re often asked to be “uncompromising and unforgiving” to abuse. However, as the band write, the cycle of abuse is hard to break, mainly because hate speech and abuse can become ingrained in our own inner dialogue, and can therefore be hard to break free from.

The track, they say, is about one specific “dark place” in which someone recongnizes that what they’re experiencing isn’t love.

However, MUNA argue, it’s imperative that as a nation we notice that we’re entering into our own traumatic bonding and that it’ll be difficult to break.

Read their full essay below.

It’s pretty hard to disagree with that, we think you’ll agree!

MUNA release their debut album About U (which is very good, btw) on February 3rd. “Crying On The Bathroom Floor” is available now.