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Get ready to feel some type of way, because we just found out that women competing on The Bachelor spend an absurd amount of money to become perfect, glossy beauty queens. We knew they were stunners, but we definitely didn’t realize how much work went into creating a final product they’re happy with.

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According to Refinery29, the women of our guiltiest pleasure say it’s nothing but normal to spend over $1,000 to beautify — and that’s BEFORE the show kicks off. We wish we were surprised, but when you take the ~lovely~ Pink Tax into consideration alongside the ridiculous standard of beauty for women in general, let alone women appearing on a wildly popular television show, it really isn’t shocking that they’re dropping thousands on thousands on appearances alone.

When asked by R29 how she prepped for the competition, Whitney Bischoff said, “What didn’t I do before I left for the show? I got highlights, lash extensions, a gel manicure, and a supply of high-definition makeup…” Wowza.

Of her own routine, Ashley Iaconetti said, “I threaded my entire face and got lash extensions.” Is that even possible? Because if it is, you know we *have* to try it. And then, of course, my nails, a HydraFacial, and fresh Botox.”

It seems like a whole lot is going on behind the scenes before they even become scenes! We’re the last ones to judge someone who wants to delve into the world of hair and makeup products. After all, there’s enough femmephobia out there without our assistance! We definitely believe all women are beautiful, whether they go makeup-free or make contouring a part of their daily routine.

What was definitely worth thinking about, though, was how the work that goes into the women’s beauty routines compares to the guys. As Ashley told R29, “The guys don’t have to do anything, and they don’t have to spend money on anything beauty-related.” Welp.