Karen Belz
April 22, 2016 11:27 am

If you’re one of the people who wishes that MTV will climb aboard the ’90s nostalgia train like sister-station Nickelodeon did, you’ll be happy to learn that they’re making some changes to their programming. After announcing a revival of MTV Unplugged, as well as a brand new show that’ll focus on live music performances called Wonderland, they made it clear that music is still quite important to the network.  And know what else is important to the network? Bringing back some classics that we never realized we’d miss so much.

MTV has announced that they’re revamping MTV Cribs, the show that made you wonder why certain celebrities had so many cars. The show, which premiered in 2000 and aired on the network until 2011, was definitely the perfect chance to get to know some of our favorite on-screen personalities on a whole new level. Have you ever forgotten Mariah Carey’s memorable episode, which included a butterfly-themed guest room, and a shot of her bathing? (Mariah clarified later that she had a body suit on during that scene, by the way.) But, there will be one huge change to the show, in a bid to attract younger viewers.

This upcoming season will come to you straight from Snapchat. MTV plans on delivering weekly installments straight to your Snapchat Discover section of the app, and according to Variety, this brand new format will let the stars be more “intimate.” Celebrities will have a chance to control the camera, and speak directly into it, which will likely give them a bit more freedom as they show off their living spaces.

MTV has had a deal with Snapchat since February, and this will be one of the first series to premiere, airing just a month after their brand new sex and relationship show called Pants Off, hosted by Laci Green.

The Cribs reboot will start by featuring rapper Mac Miller, musical artist Travis Mills, and 20-year-old singer songwriter Austin Mahone, and it’s scheduled to start up this June.

Who knows? If MTV Cribs is a success, maybe they’ll consider bringing other classics back in some format, as well. (Fingers crossed for a Made revival— that show was incredible.)