Rachel Paige
Updated Apr 08, 2015 @ 12:23 pm

Huge shout-out to Girl Meets World for making all our Boy Meets World dreams come true. Adding to their list of awesome BMW cameos, the long lost Mr. Turner will make an appearance as a brand new teacher for Cory and Topanga’s daughter, Riley. Considering that Mr. Turner hasn’t been seen since season four of BMW, and that was nearly 20 years ago, this is amazing news.

Mr. Turner was Cory, Shawn, and Topanga’s teacher during the early seasons of the show. He was the cool, new teacher who had an earring, rode a motorcycle, rocked Jesse Katsopolis hair, and mentored the often troubled Shawn. Last we saw him, he had just been in a horrible motorcycle accident and was in the hospital. And that was it! No resolution to his storyline. He got a quick mention during the BMW series finale, but we never saw him again. That is, until now.

So just how awesome will it be to have Mr. Turner as Riley’s teacher? Really awesome. Like, seriously awesome. Mr. Turner was a hard edge to that BMW sweetness, but he was still filled with plenty o’ wisdom and we lapped it up. Here are some of the things Mr. Turner taught us, and will teach Riley too.

Mr. Turner knew the importance of real friends

“Hey Hunter, all Matthews can do is be your friend. And so far he’s been doing a real good job. All I can do is teach you whatever I can and hope that you leave my class a little better than when you came in.”

While Mr. Feeny played the wise-sage for Cory’s life lessons, Mr. Turner played the wise-sage for Cory and Shawn’s friendship lessons. He could see just how deep these two had a bond, and he wasn’t about to let school bullies (or anything else!) get in the way. Mr. Turner was even willing to go so far as to stand up to the bullies himself.

Mr. Turner encouraged his students to think outside the box

Cory: Remember that decision thing we talked about?
Mr. Turner: Yeah.
Cory: I kinda made the wrong one.
Mr. Turner: Yeah, I coulda told you that.
Cory: Then why didn’t you?
Mr. Turner; Well, you don’t listen in class. You gonna listen in life?

Mr. Turner didn’t just want his students to learn something, he wanted them to understand it. He was also willing to give his students the freedom to figure out things for themselves — which sometimes didn’t work — but he knew they needed to be challenged anyway. He had full faith in his students to succeed, even when others didn’t.

Mr. Turner cared SO MUCH

Mr. Turner: Well, you should feel good, Matthews. Just don’t get carried away about what other people think.
Cory: Of course not. Why not?
Mr. Turner: ‘Cause that wouldn’t be cool.

Cory had problems at home, Shawn had problems at home, and Topanga had problems at home. Even though they might not have asked for the help, Mr. Turner was more than willing to give them the help they needed. He was never pushy or overbearing about it either, but if something went wrong, they could turn to him. He was always willing to talk, or even just listen.

He wasn’t afraid to stand up to Mr. Feeny

There are too many Mr. Feeny and Mr. Turner arguments to even count. But when Cory and Shawn got into trouble, Mr. Turner was there trying to rationally explain the situation to Mr. Feeny. Yes, sometimes Cory and Shawn were just straight up in trouble, but Mr. Turner tried to diffuse the situation as much as possible. He knew that these kids were going to make mistakes, but he also tried to help them never make the same one again.

And Mr. Turner was sassy

Sometimes teacher jokes are the best jokes. Welcome back. Mr. Turner!

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