Mr. Robot - Season 2
Credit: Nadav Kander / USA Network

Yesterday’s internet outage caused a brief but worldwide panic. After all, with Twitter, Netflix, and Spotify all down, how are we supposed to distract ourselves? There are thoughts to be expressed, shows to binge, and music to hear, people!!

Of course, for many the internet outage actually sparked some major creativity. For example, the minds behind Black Mirror and Mr. Robot actually used the outage as a means of messing with fans (now that’s some creative advertising):

Black Mirror gets cheeky.

Mr. Robot goes for the snark.

But those shows weren’t the only ones to make a statement. Even comedy stalwart South Park had some fun:

Jimmy Kimmel also had some harsh words for Netflix:

It’s funny because it’s true.

Andy Richter’s reply is just as hilarious

While the attack left many people nervous, the people in charge of defending us from these attacks had words of comfort:

Kyle York, the chief strategy officer for Dyn, who suffered the DDoS attack (Distributed Denial of Service) that wrecked the internet said:

While it was a dark couple of hours for Dyn (not to mention, the world), York had words of thanks, claiming the one bright spot was “the tremendous outpouring of aid from its customers, competitors and law enforcement.”

Now we’re just wondering if tech-savvy shows like Mr. Robot or Black Mirror will use this in a future episode!