Lindsay Burgess
Updated Jan 28, 2017 @ 12:16 pm
Credit: Mr. Clean/

We’re going to need a minute. The Mr. Clean Super Bowl ad has arrived, and it’s downright steamy. Look, we already knew that cleaning is one of those mundane sexy things that can make your person that much more attractive. But somehow, Mr. Clean manages to tick off every task on our spring cleaning list and look like Magic freaking Mike in the process. Oh yeah, we totally feel an inappropriate crush coming on. It seems like the ad hits the nail on the head with this line: “You gotta love a man who cleans.” (OK, a bit too gender normative for our taste, but let’s look past it. It’s still weird and fun and weirdly hot and we’re into it.)

The Mr. Clean Super Bowl ad

RIGHT?! Now that’s some impressive cleaning skills. First Mr. Clean walks in – with his own supplies, might we add – and GETS DOWN TO BUSINESS. We’re talking dried-on stovetop stains, gone in a flourish. Scuzzy residue in the shower, blasted and polished to a shine. And then when he hits that hardwood?

Wait. Maybe we should zoom in for just a second to, um, “study” that mopping technique…

Yup. That’s definitely working for the hardwood there. Seems like it’s getting niiiiiice and shiny. Now, is that a strip mop or a string mop? We’re just going to take a little closer look here…

But wait, there’s a twist…

But honestly, one of the things we love most about the Mr. Clean Super Bowl ad is when the stud in white disappears. Because, spoiler alert: It turns out that the cleaning genius was the women’s husband all along. We totally applaud the twist. So often, ads like this one depict wives fantasizing about “upgrading” their husbands. It’s genuinely refreshing to see that this time, the reality is better than the fantasy: This is just a regular couple, sharing the cleaning tasks. And yes, it really can be that sexy to spend a day sharing the domestic chores.

So, in conclusion… It’s definitely a strip mop. (We checked.)