Crystal Ro
Updated August 25, 2016

While the world continues to obsess over Stranger Things, we’re happy to spend our time pining over cool products, jokes, and even really good theories until we (officially) get a Season 2.

Simply the best.

One of our favorite things about Stranger Things, of course, is the stellar cast. The children are no doubt the stars of the show. But we also really love the adult cast – not least of all, Mr. Clarke!

Teacher of the year, y’all.

Fans love him for so many different reasons.


And one of the things we love about him most…HIS MUSTACHE!

This iconic bit of TV facial hair actually has a pretty great back story, too. In a recent AMA on Reddit, actor Randy Havens, who plays Mr. Clarke, actually gave a lot of insight into his iconic mustache. Havens explained,

“I grew it for an AMC series called Halt and Catch Fire and ended up having it for about a year.”

“Check out the first two seasons of Halt and Catch Fire on Netflix. You’ll get to see the origin of Mr. Clarke’s epic mustache.”

So THAT’S where the idea for Mr. Clarke’s epic ‘stache come from! And here we thought it was just a random, but cool ’80s look. Havens continued,

“Shawn Levy [producer/director for Stranger Things] once told me the mustache was a BIG FACTOR in me getting hired[…]I’m so glad it helped me get this part.”

And it turns out, even outside the show, Havens gets some major compliments on his mustache. He said,

“One time, at a restaurant, my server bent over and sort of under his breath said, ‘Nice mustache.’ It was totally weird and awesome at the same time.”

Hard agree, Randy. We’re loving you, your look, and your entire performance in Stranger Things, and we hope it all returns for a second season.

::Heart eyes forever::