Jill Layton
Updated Mar 11, 2017 @ 9:10 am
Credit: Disney

The trailer for a favorite movie among kids and adults alike went through a serious makeover. It now has a totally different vibe. That’s right: Zootopia is now as a crime thriller. It’s captivating — and not just because it left us desperately wanting to know whodunit.

It looks like it could be a feature-length, R-rated movie.

Cinefix took Disney’s animated feature Zootopia. They recut it as a super dark, gritty crime thriller. Consequently, Zootopia is no longer a melting pot of adorable animal neighborhoods. Now, it’s a city full of animals on murderous rampages.

And it’s incredible how well the trailer works.

Furthermore, the recut trailer mutes Zootopia‘s vibrant colors. It also adds dramatic music. But the interesting part is that everything else that makes the trailer super dark was already there. We were just watching through Disney lenses. Furthermore, everything that happens in the reimagining actually happens in the movie.

And that proves that the story was pretty dramatic to begin with.

Check out the recut trailer:

According to the documentary Imagining Zootopia, an earlier version of the movie had a much darker story line. In this storyline, predators were forced to wear electric collars to stop them from being a threat to the animal population. Of course, that part of the story was dropped.

Because it’s Disney, and OMG, how terrifying would that have been?

But when you really think about it, if Zootopia wasn’t so hilarious and full of cute moments with slow-moving sloths, it would actually be a crime thriller — no reimagining needed.