Scarlet Meyer
Updated Feb 19, 2017 @ 9:05 am
laughing sloth
Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

The Oscars may not be until next weekend, but that hasn’t stopped everyone in Hollywood from being totally excited. And that totally makes sense. It’s a big night and a ton of great films have been nominated. It’s definitely going to be a delight to watch. But sometimes the fanfare beforehand is the best part!

So far, our favorite pre-Oscars promotional material are these awesome posters from the world Zootopia! Last year, Zootopia directors Rich Moore and Byron Howard made posters parodying nominees like The Revenant and Bridge of Spies.

And we’re happy to report that they’re back at it again this year!

Moore and Howard shared their reason for making the posters with the Hollywood Reporter.

It’s so cool that Moore and Howard are still so in love with the world of Zootopia, because honestly we are too. It’s such a cool universe. And it’s so fun to imagine all these Oscar-nominated movies debuting in Zootopia.

We have to admit, we’d pay good money to see La La Lamb in theaters.

Everything about these parodies is hilarious. The movie titles are absolutely delightful. And the tweaked actors names give us a serious case of the giggles. But the fact that these creatives even added appropriately punny taglines like “Shear’s to the fools who dream,” makes these posters unbearably fun.

So thank you so much to directors Rich Moore and Byron Howard for taking the time to create and share these posters. We seriously hope this turns into a yearly tradition, because that would be awesome!