Rachel Paige
Updated February 26, 2017

Great news for people who don’t know how to quit: Zootopia just took home the Oscar for Best Animated Feature, like there was any doubt in your mind that it wouldn’t.

Zootopia is by far the best animated movie of the past year. TBH, it might just be the best movie of the past movie, so yes, let’s say it was robbed from being included in the lofty Best Picture race. But hey, it’s now a newly minted Oscar winner, and in true Nick Wilde fashion, we’ll take what we can get.

Using one of Disney’s go-to storytelling techniques — talking animals — Zootopia tells the story of a city that learns to accept one another for who they are, regardless of their background, upbringing, or if they’ve got predator or prey DNA. And this is why it’s the best movie of the year, and maybe possibly the decade.

Taking to the stage, the movie’s three directors, (Byron Howard, Rich Moore and Clark Spencer) gave a short and sweet speech explaining that when they started making Zootopia three years ago (!!) they were hoping “it would make the world a slight better place,” and with Zootopia currently streaming on Netflix, the world actually IS a better place.

They also reinforced the theme of the movie, explaining that “tolerance [is] better than fear of the other,” and that’s something we could all put into practice each and every day. We could all be a little bit more like Judy Hopps.

Okay, now back to watching Zootopia for the 8,039,485 time.