Sophy Ziss
Updated Dec 19, 2017 @ 2:37 pm

Today in huh: Zac Efron stars in The Greatest Showman, an upcoming musical about the man who invented the circus. For Efron fans, this is a no-brainer! A big-budget musical, full of drama and comedy and the chance to dance with stars like Zendaya and Hugh Jackman? Of *course* he had to be in it. But — here’s the “Huh?!” — Zac Efron revealedthat he wasn’t sure he could take on the role…because he doesn’t think of himself as a dancer.

Even though he starred in the High School Musical series and Hairspray, the actor felt weird about having to dance in The Greatest Showman.

Like, seriously weird about it. In Efron’s own words, he was nervous. And sure, we get being intimidated by musical icons like Jackman or Zendaya. But have some faith, Troy Link Zac!

Here’s the thing: He’s totally a dancer.

You don’t have to be a full-time professional, or have starred on a dance-based Disney TV show (as Zendaya did on Shake It Up!) to “be a dancer.” Also, it’s not like his cast members would just wake up one day and have choreography memorized. It’s a learning process.


On the bright side, though, this means that no amount of fame, fortune, or abs can stop Zac Efron from being completely humble. So yeah, we love him even more now.