Briana Hansen
September 20, 2016 12:14 pm

X-Men: Apocalypse is a totally thrilling movie packed with everything we’ve come to hope and expect from the thriving X-Men series. And good movies are gifts that keep on giving. Not only are they delightful to watch over and over again, they’re also fascinating to learn the behind-the-scenes of how the impressive films are made.

That’s why we are totally loving everything about this newly released blooper reel that features playful moments between takes from some of our favorite stars.

Some of the best moments include when cast members are obviously improvising with their cohorts just to mess with them ~and~ when they’re dancing to keep their energy high between intense takes.

And, of course, Jennifer Lawrence steals the show.

The superstar is as fun to watch in the takes that didn’t make the cut as she is in the ones that did.

Oh, and at one point, Sophie Turner loses herself in a laughter fit that is so infectiously fun, we can’t even handle it.

There are moments of silliness between moments of sincerity that remind us even X-Men are human. It’s hard to pick a favorite outtake, but this video certainly features everything from people purposefully joking around with the other actors to genuine accidents that show anything can happen on a big-budget movie set.

Jennifer had shared before about how much fun the actors have with each other between takes in some hilarious interviews, but this is visual proof that they clearly are all had the time of their lives.

Even the villains were getting, well, down with their bad selves.

We are loving everything about these super fun bloopers and already want to see so much more of all these characters (and the awesome people who make them come to life).

The next installment of this X-Men series will be the final one for Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Though it has yet to have an official title, they’re all done with filming (with Jackman saying goodbye to his classic Wolverine hairstyle) and it’s due out March 2017.