Kenya Foy
Updated Jul 26, 2016 @ 11:25 am
wedding maid of honor
Credit: Andreas Rønningen/Unsplash

Surprise, surprise: Being a bridesmaid is way more expensive than being a groomsman. If you’ve ever had the (dis)pleasure of being a member of a bridal party then you and your bank account have our condolences. Depending on the bride’s preferences and temperament, there can be a huge emotional toll that comes with standing by your BFF’s side on the big day. Even if the bridesmaids aren’t expected to dye their hair or partake in any other Bridezilla-sanctioned foolery, being your bestie’s maid of honor will still set you back WAY more than being a best man.

Previously, our Broke Girl’s Guide to Being a Bridesmaid estimated the average cost of being a bridesmaid at $1,695, but since inflation knows no bounds, this Glamour magazine video lists the average maid of honor cost at $2,062, where the average best man spends a little more than $1,300 (which, to be fair, is still a pretty huge payout for celebrating someone else’s big day).

Sheesh! Doesn’t anybody have a friend like Kristen Bell who’s actually cool with spending less than $200 on her wedding? That said, it’s perfectly OK for the engaged couple to spend what they deem appropriate; after all, it’s their wedding. But we say it’s high time to flip a table (literally and figuratively) on couples who expect their friends to break the bank for a few hours of eating, dancing, and posing for pics in a dress you’ll only wear once.

Here’s a tip for anyone who finds themselves facing a “pay rent or be a maid of honor” dilemma: When asked to be a bridesmaid, propose a counter offer to be a best man.