Jill Layton
May 22, 2015 9:58 am

As you are probably aware, today is Friday — the day before the most relaxing days of the week (and the most relaxing long weekend of the year!). Friday can sometimes feel like the longest day of the week, because our brains and hearts are already over the work week. But thanks to a video of perfection, we’ve already gotten a jump-start on a relaxing weekend. The Huffington Post alerted us to The World’s Most Relaxing Film. It’s seven minutes of heaven. Seriously, if heaven was a thing on Earth, this is probably what it would be like.

The World’s Most Relaxing Film has a sunrise, sunset, trees of green, water, chirping birds, a cow gazing off into the distance, and slow camera movements that make us feel like we’re there — all accompanied by the world’s most relaxing music. It’s our happy place, and we refuse to stop watching it.

The film was created based on the advice from experts on stress, mindfulness, nature therapy, medicine and music therapy (check out the making of The World’s Most Relaxing Film). It was shot on location on the west coast of Zealand, Denmark — clearly one of the most beautiful places in the world. We want to go to all of the locations — like, right now. Especially if the soundtrack, which was designed to lower our heart rate, follows us everywhere.

The Visit Denmark-produced film starts off by telling us, “There is a place of peace and tranquility within all of us. This is an attempt to bring you there.” You had us at peace, tranquility and bringing us there.

Warning: Watching this video may cause drowsiness and the desire to immediately stop doing work or anything productive. Watch at your own risk (but definitely watch, you guys).

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