Ahead of the highly anticipated Wonder Woman — which marks the *first* stand-alone female-driven superhero movie 👏👍 🎉 — DC and Warner Bros. are getting ready to release all the Wonder Woman toys. This is kind of a big deal, if only because time and time again, a giant blockbuster movie comes out, and our favorite heroines are suspiciously MIA from the shelves.

Well, not Diana Prince. She’s here, she’s got her lasso of truth, and she is ready to take on the day.

Go ahead and break this news to your bank account, because as soon as you see what you can snag, you’re going to want absolutely everything. Go ahead and buy two of each.

First up, there are the actual toys. Pause for a second to give a hearty round of applause to these toys, because have you ever seen a merchandise rollout with this much girl power? TBH, never.

Credit: Funko / Warner Bros

Wonder Woman Funko Pop!

Credit: Jada Metals / Warner Bros.

Jada Metals 4″ Wonder Woman figurines

Credit: Mattel / Warner Bros.

Mattel Wonder Woman collection

There’s also a whole collection of costumes — for big and small heroes.

Credit: Rubies / Warner Bros.

Rubies Wonder Woman costumes

Also, here’s that Wonder Woman headband and cuff you’ve always wanted — along with a ~hero~ bow and arrow set.

Credit: Mattel, Warner Bros.

And maybe the most exciting, Wonder Woman bedsheets ??!!

Credit: Franco Manufacturing, The Northwest Company, Warner Bros.

Franco Manufacturing and The Northwest Company sheets and blankets

The Wonder Woman merch rollout starts *right now* exclusively at Walmart. What you can’t snag now will launch nationwide on April 7th, and if you don’t already have this down on your calendar, Wonder Woman opens everywhere on June 2nd. Have fun saving the day!