wonder woman
Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Wonder Woman has slowly consumed everyone who’s seen it. From Patty Jenkins’ amazing work to the comedic timing, this is just the best superhero movie we’ve seen for quite some time. And the critics also agree! Currently the movie has a 94 percent on Rotten Tomatoes with 230 reviews in.

Gal Gadot is absolutely incredible as Diana and everyone pretty much agrees. So the next question? When are we going to get Wonder Woman 2?

According to an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Jenkins and Gadot are signed on for a sequel, but at the time, it hasn’t been greenlit (though, Justice League director Zack Snyder did drop a hint that it was happening). Right now, there are lots of rumors swirling around the internet as to what might happen, but nothing is certain yet.

In the THR interview, it’s suggested that Wonder Woman 2 might be a modern sequel, which would make sense — we see Diana modern-day at the beginning and end of the movie, hanging out in Paris. However, with characters like Etta Candy, Sameer, Charlie, and Chief, all still in 1918, we don’t really want to say goodbye to them yet.

And another question we all have? What does this mean for Steve Trevor? Now, for those who have seen the movie but not read the comics, maybe don’t read on.

Okay? You’re good? Well, as you know in the movie — and probably cried over — Steve dies. However, Steve Trevor comes back to life multiple times in the Wonder Woman comics! One way is that Aphrodite brings him back to life. So if there was a modern tale, there’s still a chance we could see the beloved Steve back once again.

So until we know more, these speculations are pretty amazing.