Bring Diana to America! That’s the hope of director Patty Jenkins if the hit film Wonder Woman returns for a sequel. We don’t have confirmation quite yet that a sequel is happening, but if it does, Jenkins wants to bring Wonder Woman to the U.S. of A.

During the first film, which came out last week, Diana makes her way from the paradise island of Themyscira, over to London, and then on to Belgium, and finally Germany. Next, if she gets a chance to continue her adventures on film, she’ll be coming stateside.

Of course it is! Wonder Woman is what we need! So what can we do to make this sequel happen?! Well, Wonder Woman has already smashed box office records, which hopefully means that Jenkins will have no trouble making our sequel dreams happen. Apparently, she’s up for the challenge. She also told EW:

We would love it too! Make sure to go watch Wonder Woman in theaters now so Warner Bros. knows just how much we all want this sequel.