How many times have you seen Wonder Woman? At least three, right? The film made us cheer with feminist joy one minute and bawl hysterically the next, which is the sign of a truly great movie, if you ask us.

Months after its release, Wonder Woman continues to break box-office records and reach new milestones. And while it’s still playing in theaters, Wonder Woman 2 already has a release date. All things considered, it’s clear that audiences fell head over heels in love with the film. And we’re so happy for director Patty Jenkins and everyone involved with making such an important, empowering movie!

At a recent press event in New York City, we asked Jenkins when the success of Wonder Woman truly hit her.

Despite Wonder Woman‘s massive popularity, there was a moment during filming when Jenkins wasn’t sure people would understand her vision.

“So when anybody says, ‘I saw the movie you were trying to make and it affected me,’ you’re like, ‘Wow, thank you!’ For a number of people to be saying it was like, ‘Oh my God! They saw the movie we were trying to make!’ And that’s incredible.”

Actress Lucy Davis, who plays Etta in the film, agreed that the reception has been truly incredible.

Davis also said that being part of Wonder Woman has been a truly special experience.

Congratulations, Patty, Lucy, and the Wonder Woman team! You deserve ALL the praise. Now, is it December 19th, 2019 yet?