Pop quiz: Which parts of Wonder Woman made you cry? Trick question, because just about every scene had us tearing up (if not full-on bawling hysterically). The film is such an empowering celebration of fighting evil with love, and we were moved to tears pretty much the entire time.

One of the most emotional moments in Wonder Woman is the epic No Man’s Land battle. In the scene, Diana insists on confronting the enemy soldiers and fighting for what’s right. She’s passionate about saving other people, so she sheds her cloak and bravely runs into battle without waiting for backup.

Thanks to Diana’s strength, the slow-motion shots of her dodging bullets, and the gorgeous score playing in the background, we were an absolute wreck. It was seriously a beautiful moment — one that director Patty Jenkins put a lot of time and thought into.

At a recent Wonder Woman press event, Jenkins said that she worked tirelessly on the No Man’s Land battle scene. (It shows!)

Jenkins pointed out that even though it’s technically a battle scene, the moment is more about demonstrating Wonder Woman’s strong morals and character.

Why obsess over this scene in particular? Because it’s THE scene of all scenes: the one where we meet Wonder Woman for the first time.

The No Man’s Land battle scene marked Diana’s official introduction as a superhero. Jenkins knew the moment had to be a lot of things at once: powerful, exciting, emotional, heroic, and moving. No pressure.

We think you nailed it, Patty. You absolutely nailed it. You too, Gal!