Diana Prince’s origin story is getting a makeover for the upcoming on-screen adaptation — and it’s honestly making us even more excited to see Wonder Woman this weekend.

Screenwriter Allan Heinberg told Entertainment Weeklythat he chose not to follow the comic book’s original timeline, which set Diana’s story during World War II. Instead, her journey picks up in 1918, right at the end of World War I. His reasoning actually makes a ton of sense, explaining, “We are in a very WWI world today with nationalism and how it would take very little to start a global conflict.”

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins was skeptical at first about tweaking the original story, but changed her mind after realizing the importance of setting up such a timely comparison.

Hopefully die-hard fans of the comic book series won’t be too bummed by the changes, and if they are, they can rest assured that the core parts of Wonder Woman will definitely stay the same.

Gal Gadot, who plays the legendary kick-ass superhero, knows that her character stands for “love and compassion and acceptance and truth.”

We can’t wait for you to come save the world, Gal!