The recently releasedWonder Woman issmashing box office records, but was it always this perfect film we all love? Tons of movies go through reshoots for a variety of reasons. Maybe some scenes aren’t working in editing or they need to shift scenes around. But apparently in the nearly perfect Wonder Woman, only one scene needed to be reshot and added to what we ended up seeing on screen.

And what was this one scene? When Diana (Gal Gadot) and Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) are headed to the frontlines of World War I in the film, it’s supposed to be a tense moment building up to the battle. But when director Patty Jenkins watched the scene after shooting was complete, she thought it needed something additional to ramp up the tension.

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

They basically just added back in a scene from the original script — meaning that there weren’t any major changes to the original intention of the film. And it was still epic! Jenkins confirmed:

And what we saw was pretty amazing. Make sure to go see Wonder Woman again this week. You know it’s what Diana would want.