People can’t stop talking about Wonder Woman. In person, sure, but also — and especially — online. So much so that the film just broke another record, this time on social media.

That’s right, Wonder Woman is the most tweeted film of 2017.

According to Variety, the film has been tweeted about more than 2.19 million times. That makes it the most popular movie of the year on Twitter, putting it ahead of films like La La Land and Beauty and the Beast, which also received a lot of traction.

Beyond the movie, the film’s characters are also some of the most talked about on the site.

Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince earned the most tweets this year for a film character.

Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor, meanwhile, is the third most talked about character. And Batman, another DC character, comes in second between Diana and Steve.

Following the film’s record-breaking box office and out-of-this-world reviews, the big-time internet conversation comes as little surprise.

And we’re guessing the movie and its characters will continue to top Twitter’s rankings for some time, since the film only recently hit theaters and there’s so much excitement around the future of the franchise. Our takeaway: It’ll take something pretty spectacular to knock the Amazonian princess down from her number one status.

So if you’re not already a part of the record-breaking conversation, the time has come. Get those thumbs tweeting and join in!