This mom’s list of earnest questions about “Wonder Woman” is the purest thing on the internet today

It’s a well documented fact that the four big Chrises in Hollywood — Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt, and Chris Pine — all kinda look the same and star in vaguely similar films. Chris Pine most recently dedicated his SNL opening monologue to this Chris confusion. Even when we can’t tell them apart, we love them. They all star in superhero movies, and all make us go *swoon*.

To make matters even more complicated, Chris Evans and Chris Pine actually play characters with the same name in their respective movies, and share similar fates in both Captain America: The First Avenger and Wonder Woman. While you might be up on all the hot Chris gossip, your parents are probably not.

So, place a gentle hand over your heart and go awww, because one Twitter user just shared the *best* exchange between her and her mother over the fact that Evans and Pine are the same person, and Mom won’t believe otherwise.

As Twitter user @Cinesnark shares, her mom (incorrectly) points out that Wonder Woman is dating Captain America. Close, but not actually happening. Even upon further clarification, mom refuses to believe that Chris Pine is not playing Steve Rogers. false

As mom continues in her emails, she’s pretty sure “it’s the same Steve,” and furthermore, if Wonder Woman doesn’t end up dating Captain America, she certainly shouldn’t date Batman because he’s “too grumpy.” And like, same, Mom. Same.

You know how the saying goes, of course: Try to explain one superhero movie to your mom, and she’s going to need to know how they’re ALL connected. false false

Here’s hoping everything was eventually cleared up. And say a prayer for this mom, and all the moms out there, because just wait till Pratt, Evans, and Hemsworth are all in the same movie next year!