Elizabeth Entenman
August 24, 2017 12:06 pm

When a film wraps, it’s common for actors and crew members to take mementos from the set. They serve as reminders of the fond memories made while filming. Remember when Lauren Graham admitted that she stole a jacket from the Gilmore Girls set? We would have done the same thing. (Also, definitely a coffee cup from Luke’s Diner.)

Now, imagine you can take anything from the Wonder Woman set. There are so many incredible items in the film, we wouldn’t even know where to begin. Definitely Wonder Woman‘s iconic lasso. Or, maybe her badass boots. Oh, and you can’t forget her bracelets.

At a recent Wonder Woman press event, we asked actress Lucy Davis, who plays Etta, if she kept anything from the set.

And her answer was sort of perfect.

Davis didn’t keep any physical mementos from the set, but now she wishes that she had.

The item at the top of her list? Etta’s red wig.

Director Patty Jenkins immediately supported the idea. “I’d like you to keep the ginger wig!” So there you go, Davis. You have the ultimate blessing to bring home the red hair.

Jenkins also said she unfortunately didn’t keep anything from set.

Fortunately, both Davis and Jenkins will soon have plenty of chances to redeem themselves when they return to set. Wonder Woman 2 is slated to hit theaters on December 19th, 2019! So…grab us a sword too?