When an actor takes on a role in a movie, they don’t always relate to their character. But sometimes, the stars align and they’re blessed with a perfect pairing. For Lucy Davis, her Wonder Woman role was completely transformative.

Davis plays Etta Candy, Steve Trevor’s bubbly, red-headed secretary. The actress said she didn’t know much about Etta at first, but she quickly dove into her world — and loved what she found. At a recent Wonder Woman press event, Davis opened up about just how much playing Etta changed her life.

It’s so fun to watch Etta become more sure of herself after meeting Diana and seeing her independence.

That’s one of the biggest reasons we love Wonder Woman so much: The strong female characters.

Director Patty Jenkins added that Wonder Woman herself has always been a huge source of inspiration for her. In fact, Jenkins still looks up to her.

We agree completely. Wonder Woman is our religion!