When shit seems to be hitting the fan, you know what makes us feel better? Turning to all that’s good in the world. In this case, we’re talking about a fundraiser held by Legion of Women Writers to send Girls Inc. of New York City to see Wonder Woman — because, in our humble opinion, everyone should have the chance to see the powerful character finally make her big-screen debut.

Funds will go toward movie tickets and popcorn for the girls, and any remaining money will be donated to Girls Inc. of NYC, a chapter of Girls Inc. that aims to inspire girls to be strong, smart, and bold. The page originally sought to raise $3,600, but an update stated that they’d like to up that number to $5,000. As of Thursday afternoon, more than $3,200 had been raised, making $5,000 seem totally doable!

The fundraiser started with the idea to buy movie tickets for people who want to see Wonder Woman but can’t afford to go.

And guess what? They’re already at their goal, so Girls Inc. is going to Wonder Woman!!

The remaining money collected will go towards Girls Inc.’s Annual College Shower, so all around this is a win-win. It makes our hearts so full to see people being so generous, giving whatever they can to support a great cause!