Elizabeth Entenman
Updated August 29, 2017 3:04 pm

It’s no secret that Wonder Woman is a smashing success. It keeps achieving new milestones and breaking major box office records. But more importantly, fans everywhere can’t stop raving about the film. And don’t worry — your positive words have definitely reached the cast and crew. They’re so, so touched and grateful that Wonder Woman has positively impacted so many people.

We were curious: Has director Patty Jenkins had any strange encounters with Wonder Woman fans?

It’s amazing that the movie unites fans from age 5 to 95.

Jenkins is glad the film started an honest, sincere dialogue about female strength. She noted that every time she discusses it with fans and with the press, the conversations are genuine and real.

Beyond having positive conversations with fans, Jenkins is also glad that the film inspired people to feel more confident.

From the cast to the dialogue to the film itself, everything about Wonder Woman is truly wonderful.