One more time for good measure…Wonder Woman spoilers lie ahead!


Okay, here we go…

Wonder Woman tells a tale of good vs. evil, but what or who exactly is that evil? Therein lies the question. As the story goes, Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) leaves the secluded island paradise she calls home, where she trained to be the best warrior, to join American pilot Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) in the battle that is World War I.

The Princess of the Amazons sets off, with the Amazons’ “God Killer” sword in hand — and with the intention to defeat Ares. She believes that the God of War, and son of Zeus, is the one behind WWI, and that only an Amazon can defeat him. Because, long story short, her mother Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen), Queen of the Amazons, explained that Ares would likely seek revenge after the Amazons previously fought against him and won.

Throughout her journey into man’s world, she encounters a number of villains. There’s the German general, Ludendorff (Danny Huston), and his right-hand, murderous chemist, nicknamed Doctor Poison (Elena Anaya). Not to mention, there are the underlings who try to take Diana and Steve out in the alley fight scene and the military men they face off with in No Man’s Land, among others.

In time, Diana believes that Ludendorff is Ares, so she kills him. But, the war continues on, so either Ares doesn’t exist and men are bad on their own, or…Ares does exist, but hadn’t returned? Not so fast to the latter, as British politician Sir Patrick (David Thewlis) soon presents himself as the big bad.

I’m sorry, Professor Lupin is who now?!

Credit: Warner Bros.

Sir Patrick as Ares in disguise? Did you see this coming? Because, we sure as hell didn’t. ESPECIALLY because Thewlis seems to be breaking type. We know him best from his role as Harry Potter’s kind and caring, one-time Defense Against the Dark Arts instructor, who continued to watch out for him from a relative distance — because, you know, the whole werewolf thing.

Also, just look to this “Together” TV spot: Does he look like the evil to end all evil?


Sir Patrick/Ares tries to convince Diana to join him in destroying man. (Obviously, it’s awful that he’s back, but isn’t it kind of satisfying to see that Diana’s right??) She won’t team up with this big bad, because she’s basically good personified, so she sends the “God Killer” sword straight into him. When it deteriorates, she realizes that it’s not the sword that holds the title. Rather, it’s she — daughter of Hippolyta…and Zeus — who is the “God Killer.”

So, they face off, and he schools her at first. Like, it really doesn’t look good. Plus, Diana’s morals are certainly tested when Steve sacrifices himself to destroy lethal gas made by Doctor Poison, so it can’t be used in the war. But, in the end, she prevails — because, love wins. Yes, we’re crying again, and yes, we still have so many Wonder Woman questions, like…

But actually, Lupin: How could you?