Trilby Beresford
Updated Mar 03, 2017 @ 11:52 am

When we talk about classic movies from our childhoods, The Wizard of Oz usually tops the list. And although we love it, the film had some admittedly pretty scary moments (flying monkeys, anyone?!), and apparently there are filmmakers who want to capitalize on those terrors.

Variety reports that a horror movie set in the Wizard of Oz world is in the works at New Line Cinema.

And as bizarre as this might initially sound, when you think about it, it kinda makes sense that someone would eventually happen across this concept. The original story involves a wicked witch, a tornado, a tin man without a heart, opiate poisoning…we could go on. It’s essentially rife with horrific inspiration.

via giphyUnfortunately, there aren’t yet many details since the project is in the early development stages, but we do know that screenwriter Mike Van Waes pitched the idea to New Line and it has definitely been bought. His script Hammerspace was on the Black List in 2015, and he sold it to Warner Brothers last year. So he’s an up-and-comer, which is exciting.

Although for some people, this all just might be too much.

Okay, we’re trying to keep an open mind about this movie, because we trust that Hollywood will do their thing and make it good. And not too scary? Just kidding…we can totally take the the “OH, MY!” moments…probably.

via giphyCan’t wait for more details (like who’s going to direct and star). Stay tuned! FYI, this is making us want to re-watch the original. And hey, it’s Friday. Which means we have all weekend!