Sophy Ziss
Updated Nov 13, 2017 @ 2:33 pm

We all have holiday traditions, and Will Ferrell’s is pretty darn amazing. He’s a married father of three who loves to celebrate the holidays with his family. By “celebrate the holidays,” of course, he means forcing his sons to watch the same film 10 times in a row before presents are introduced into the mix. And not just any film: Will Ferrell forces his kids to watch Elf.

Ferrell joked that he makes his children watch Elf on a loop, and what better way to spread holiday cheer!

The natural solution for the Ferrell family?

Slow down the holiday celebrations by encouraging the kids to marathon Elf, a delightfully weird Christmas movie in which Ferrell plays a man raised as an elf (who wears all the yellow tights) going through a bit of an identity crisis.

And once again, celebrities prove that they’re just like us. Because who among us hasn’t firmly requested their family watch Elf on a loop until it’s time for dinner?

Now, Will Ferrell does appear to have been joking about all this. And sure he was. We totally are too…