Karen Belz
Updated Mar 16, 2017 @ 8:01 am
Credit: Gramercy Pictures LLC

Familiar with Mr. Bean? Then you know that “scary” isn’t a word you’d use to define him. However, one editing genius decided to recut the Mr. Bean movie into a thriller, and now we’re seeing the character in a whole new light.

Played by Rowan Atkinson, Mr. Bean is kind of like the British version of America’s Pee-wee Herman, with a little bit of Amelia Bedelia mixed in. Just a likable fellow who makes you smile. Twenty years ago (yes, it’s been 20!) a movie called Bean made its way into theaters, starring the lovable chap. For the record, that movie was a light comedy.

However, YouTuber John Loberger decided to switch things up a bit. With a bit of magic, that light comedy soon turned into a creepy horror show.

Loberger calls this masterpiece “Mean Bean.”

It’s so good that it’s no surprise why it’s quickly making the rounds. And now we suddenly want to watch Bean. (But, the original version. Any full-length that resembles the above is a little hard to swallow.)

This is actually the first recut trailer that Loberger posted to his account, and we’re super impressed. We’re hoping that more are in the works, since he’s definitely got a talent for it!

Rowan Atkinson, who seems to be Twitterless, has yet to comment on the video. But we’re sure that if he got to see it, he’d get a good laugh!