wedding crashers
Credit: New Line Cinema

More than a decade has flown by since the big screen featured Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn as two dudebros who crashed random weddings for sport, but if what Isla Fisher said during a recent interview holds any weight (and we hope it does), a Wedding Crashers 2 might be happening.

According to Uproxx, during a Today Show promo appearance for Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams’ film Nocturnal Animals, Fisher casually mentioned a recent encounter with Vaughn that suggests a sequel could be next up on our list of must-see movies.

OK, so we just got over feeling old after seeing photos of the original cast at the Wedding Crashers premiere from 2005 (!), but we think we can muster up enough energy for a celebratory fist pump.

While we are obviously beyond excited about this, we’re hesitant to believe it because if Fisher will use a holiday card to troll her friends and family, she could easily be pulling a fast one on us, couldn’t she?

We’ll just have to wait (hopefully not another 11 years) to see what comes of it, but according to Slashfilm, Fisher did say no Wedding Crashers 2 deals have been finalized and that she probably shouldn’t have mentioned it on TV.

Oopsies! We’ve all had a little slip-up every now and then, but Fisher’s is one we’re glad we were around to witness.