Karen Belz
November 02, 2016 12:48 pm
Disney Pixar

No doubt about it, Sulley and Mike are two of our ultimate favorite monsters. So, when director Pete Docter recently discussed what Monsters Inc. 3 would be about, we were all ears. Of course, it must be said that the movie is not confirmed, but hey — we wait so long for Toy Story sequels that we can wait awhile for an announcement of a third installment.

Of course, Monster’s University came out in 2013, so we shouldn’t be complaining too much. And, that movie focused on Sulley and Mike’s college life for a reason — filmmakers weren’t ready to truly address what happened to Boo, and figured that a little bit of monster backstory would be pretty intriguing. (For the record, it was.)


 Obviously, he’s had some time to think about the future of the story since it hit theaters back in 2001. (Oh yes — the original movie is fifteen years old.)

Entertainment Weekly revealed that an upcoming movie would likely focus on Boo as an adult, interacting with the monsters of her youth. Adorable? Oh, of course. And just like Andy in Toy Story, the monsters would probably still hold a place in her heart regardless of her age. Or, maybe not.

Oddly enough, the adult angle was a pitch that was originally scrapped from the Monsters Inc. storyboard a decade and a half ago.

 Ideas might change, of course. But, in Docter’s eyes, a new film should never be ruled out.

Oh, and since we mentioned Toy Story? The next installment is definitely in the works, and is currently set to be released in 2019. Just like a third Monsters Inc., we know it’ll be worth the wait.